Ultimately the choice is yours, but NEW and NOW are two smart choices on a NEW HOME PURCHASE.


This is your largest purchase in your life, why not have it the way you want it.


In addition to the "open" floor plan found in newer homes, older homes sometimes do not have the storage or closet space that new homes offer.

Less Maintenance

New homes have BRAND NEW operating systems, such as plumbing, HVAC, ect. They also usually have a manufacturer's warranty. Previously Owned Homes require a little more maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

New Homes typically carry an "Energy Star" Certification and according to research are typically 42% more efficient on energy bills. *varies by lifestyle and home*

Modern Convenience

New Appliances, New Windows, New Technology.

Current Standards

New Homes are built to the standards of current building codes. Therefore, codes that needed to be updated over the years have been changed or updated.


New Homes should have a warranty. Meaning within one year of your home purchase you may address items that need to be repaired.

Emotional Factors

You are the one and only family that has ever lived in this New Home. It is YOUR home, built for YOU, and built to your specifications.

Healthier Indoor Environment

New Homes have a healthier indoor air quality. This is a great tip to keep in mind if you have allergies or asthma.


Although there may be a different in price in the long run you SAVE money on energy bills, operating costs and maintenance.


Most importantly your time is valuable. Would you rather be making repairs on your time off or enjoying your new home.