Moving Guide

Prepare for the Move

Tidy up garages, closets, drawers, cabinets and storage areas. Once areas are tidy and clean get them ready to pack. Choose a garage sale date and stick to it! No time for a garage sale? Find a local charity where your items can be used for other families in need. Gather plenty of boxes and packing supplies. You will be more frustrated during the move if you run out of supplies. Label every box. Choose a way to label either by room names, room colors, or label the box based on the new room it will go in at the new home. Make a box or file labeled "Move Box or File" for important paperwork that is needed at the last minute. Such as receipts, papers, keys, ect. just in case you need something for the move. Choose a moving company or schedule a moving party with family and friends. If you have the moving party, order pizza or subs, plenty of waters, and give your family or friends a gift for helping you move. Moving with Kids? Get them involved. Have them help straighten rooms to get ready for packing. Also, help them to learn the act of giving by having them pull clothing, toys or shoes for needy children in your area. Moving with Pets? Moving time is a great time to schedule your pet for some time with the vet. Get them up to date on all vaccinations or even have them go for the day while you are making the move. Be positive!!! As frustrating as moving can be a positive attitude will help the process go smoothly for everyone around.

One Month Before

Contact the Builder Representative to make sure the closing is going according to schedule. Pick up moving information from your post office. Set your forward for the date of move. Schedule disconnection for all utilities, garbage, TV satellites, and Internet. This will allow you to move to the new home with one set of utility bills. Make sure your children's school records are transferred if necessary. Make travel arrangements if necessary. Hotels, flights, car rentals, ect.

Two Weeks Before

Confirm with Builder Representative the closing date and time. If you are coming from another state, make sure to move medical and dental records for the entire family. Also, transfer any prescriptions that may need to be moved. Also, get a copy of all pet vaccinations to take with you to your new home. Make sure all boxes are labeled properly including if they are "Fragile", "Do Not Load", or "Load Last". This will help the moving process to be easier.

A Few Days Before

Pack each person in your home a "Personal Box". This would include all toiletries needed, bathroom supplies, towel, washcloth, and a fresh change of clothing. Check that you have the correct set of directions to your new home. Check with all new utility companies to make sure your new utilities will be set up for your arrival. Be appreciative of the help you receive. Be excited about your new home. Be positive for your children or family. Have a great move!